As women, we are sometimes the reason our families break and we work hard to squeeze happiness out of others as though we are getting paid for it. Do women still fight their sisters-in-law?

In this age and time, I believe if you are still working hard to prove to your brother that he has got the wrong woman, you need to take a chill pill and an overdose, for that matter, so that by the time you wake up, your brother will be looking forward to having grandchildren with the woman of his choice. Yes, that same woman you are trying hard to push away!

The other day, my friend Christine called me yelling that her sister-in-law was tearing her marriage apart. This sister-in-law who has since sought refuge in Christine’s house is imagining that since she came from the same womb with Christine’s husband, she has all the authority to decide what happens in ‘her brother’s house’ as she puts it.

From deciding what is being served for any meal and what clothes the brother puts on. Seriously, if you are woman enough more than your brother’s wife, why are you not married yourself yet you are of marriageable age?

What are you doing in another woman’s house if you can manage one better?


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