The rise and fall of the cedi against the dollar is having a toll on a lot of businessmen in Ghana.

Rapper Edem has joined the group of people who seem unimpressed by government’s efforts in managing the economy.

The rapper told Lexis Bill on Drive Time, the constant increase in the prices of some goods and services due to the exchange rates is taking a toll on his finances.

“When we were doing the production for ‘Pepper Dem’ we were definitely affected because the prices of somethings were high. Also, I buy Kalyppo every two weeks for my kids, they like to take it to school. I was buying it at GH¢25 [per pack], fast forward I am buying it at GH¢35, that is not good for me,” Edem stated.

He added, “the last time I checked the school fees of my kids went up again. Because they are paying in dollars, you would be moving for like GH¢9000 to GH¢10000 for two kids.”

Edem called on the government to quickly do something as he and other businessmen are constantly being affected by the cedi depreciation.

“I want to feel something in my pocket,” he said.

The rapper also urged the government to create an atmosphere for young people who want to do business to be more encouraged.

The process of registering a business is tedious which discourages a lot of people, he added.

The rapper stated, “trying to find your own money for start-ups is very difficult, but we need a system where young people create their own jobs.”

The singer also during the interview premiered his new song ‘Politics’.

According to him, it is his way of telling everybody that at the end of the day all politicians, vigilante groups can jam to one song.

“We share something common no matter the party colours, that’s all this is about,” he added.



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