A Sicilian nun became possessed by the devil and wrote the ‘letter of the devil’ during the 17th century. After centuries of mystery, the letter has been translated to discover what the evil creature wanted to say.

In 1676, the nun, Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, woke up one morning and found herself covered in ink with the ‘letter’ next to her.

The message contained characters from a mixture of archaic alphabets, and Sister Maria told her convent that it was Lucifer himself who had taken over her body to write the letter.

The nun is believed to have screamed and fainted as the peculiar events occurred.

Like a fallen angel, Sister Maria believed that the letter was the devil’s way of telling her to turn her back on God. Other nuns believed Sister Maria, and years they tried to translate the letter of the devil. However, they all failed until centuries later.

A group of researchers from the Ludum science center in Sicily tried to crack the cold using a software programme they found on a dark web.

Center director Daniele Abate told The Times:

“We heard about the software, which we believe is used by intelligence services for codebreaking.

We primed the software with ancient Greek, Arabic, the Runic alphabet and Latin to descramble some of the letter and show that it really is devilish.”

A part of the devil’s letter written by the possessed nun read:
“The Holy Trinity as being dead weights thinks can free mortals, while encouraging Holy Trinity to abandon humans.”

Referring to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in The Holy Trinity as ‘dead weights,’ it suggests that the writing has protest faith in God. It is something the devil would be in favor of.

The letter also said that God was invented by humans, saying “this system works for no one.”

The mysterious letter also formed a reference to the River Styx, the river in Greek mythology that separates the living from the underworld.

“Perhaps now, Styx is certain,” it reads.
While it was believed that the letter could be the work of the devil, Daniele Abate thinks Sister Maria’s writings could be caused by mental health issues and not demonic possession.

“When working on historical decryption, you cannot ignore the psychological profile of the writer. We needed to know as much as possible about this nun.

Sister Maria is thought to have had a lot of knowledge in many languages, which Daniele believes would’ve helped her in creating the code used in the mysterious letter.

Whether it really was a letter of the devil or not, we’ll probably never figure out. But there’s no doubt that the peculiar writings have kept people curious and scared for centuries.


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