Daniel K. Mensah otherwise known in showbiz as KEDDI is a Ga rapper based in Tema. He has built his brand around hip hop music and influence from his neighborhood, Tema -Newtown hence his usage of the alias “Prince of the Getto”.

The lyrical dexterity shown in his songs has earned him performances at a lot of street shows and concerts. Keddi has performed at events like the Chalewote Festival (Jamestown ), Kayce Moore Live (Osu), Takpepke La Paillote¬† (Alliance Francaise) to name a few. His versatility in the craft is often exhibited when he blends Ga with “pijin” English to tell stories or address pertinent issues in his rap verses. As an upcoming artiste, Keddi has goals of keeping originality, creativity, and influence at the forefront of his artistry.

Watch out for the video of his latest banger dubbed KASA

Check him out for his videos and songs on these social media handles

Keddi Bepor




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