A young lady has taken to social media to share the advice a married woman gave her and other women at a saloon when they were having a conversation about men cheating in marriage.

Her post reads:

“So I was at the saloon yesterday when a conversation about men cheating in marriage pop up.

As the conversation was on going, there was this married woman who sat down quietly listening for sometime.
She then joined the conversation and was like ladies let me advice u. Never confront ur cheating husband 😲😲😲😲

She continued saying…..just make sure u know ur husband inside out……..anytime he cheats or u suspect him of cheating, just pretend u don’t know anything.

Relax,welcome him home, serve him food after he’s done eating…… tell him u want s*x…..he will definitely give u excuses like feeling tired, sleepy and stuff
But do not accept that excuse….NEVER…..

Tell him anything that will convince him to have s*x with u, if possible beg him at that moment.
NOTE: it doesn’t mean u like s*x too much ooooo but rather it’s a nice way of punishing him indirectly…..

She continued; persuade him in a joking manner till he agrees to do…….once he start give him marathon s*x, no break,change as many s*x positions as u want…..

Now this is the magic…..he will feel very drained of energy after the marathon s*x ……then u can leave him to rest. It will take weeks for him to regain energy back🤣🤣🤣🤣 and he will be wondering whether u know he cheated or not but can’t ask u any question…… he will be confuse and if not careful end up confessing to u.

She concluded by saying “if u go about fighting them, ur husband will starve u of s*x and will feel comfortable and proud to cheat more………that is the technique I use in my marriage” and there’s peace always…..

Just sharing the married woman’s advice…..gracia”



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