A pregnant woman in Kenya tried to burn herself to death after suspecting her husband was cheating on her because he failed to return home.

According to KTN News, Njoki who is six-months-pregnant, tried to kill herself in her house at Langa Langa Estate in the Nakuru Region on Sunday, by dousing herself with kerosene and setting herself on fire after her husband failed to explain where he had spent the previous night.

Though she survived the fire incident after neighbours rallied to put the fire out, Njoki sustained serious injuries in her hands, abdomen, thighs and face.
The report has it that Njoki’s husband, a mechanic, had failed to return home on Saturday, August 14, and when he came back, his wife’s inquiries fell on deaf ears as he refused to give her a reasonable excuse.

To add insult to injuries, a strange woman kept calling him at home, something that made his wife lose her cool and stormed into the bedroom where she poured the kerosene on her body and set herself alight.

Narrating what led to the incident on her hospital bed at the Rift Valley Provincial Hospital, Njoki said:

“I had an issue with my husband after he failed to report home and on coming, he continued to call a woman he was having a relationship with. I was angry and burnt myself.”


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