A MIDDLE aged Zambian woman based in Lusaka who had been endowed with the special powers and abilities by the kingdom of darkness to bring down men of God has repented.

The woman whose full names have been withheld for some reasons has told The Church Newspaper in Zambia that she was initiated into the kingdom of darkness some 10 years ago adding that during this period she managed to seduce a number of pastors within Zambia and outside.

In a report sighted by on Zambianobserver, she said;
“One thing about how the devil operates is that he creates nothing new in his people. The devil always looks at what you already have and then amplifies it. What do I mean? For example, speaking for myself…

I am naturally good looking and most men easily fall for me. So, from the time I was young, I have always used my good looks to get anything I want in life from money to jobs and everything else. Even the person who initiated me into Satanism saw this same attribute and that’s how she got me there,” explained the woman.

She further narrated that once enlisted in the kingdom of darkness, she was given special powers to seduce men of God.
“In Satanism, they know that you don’t have to destroy each and every church member to destroy the entire church. You just destroy the pastor and everyone scatters.

That is what I was tasked to do. I was operating in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. In my earliest days, I managed to shake powerful men of God in Zambia. Can you remember those scandals that hit Grace Ministries not too long ago? I was involved directly and indirectly,” she narrated.

The Grace Ministries church she is refereeing to was at one time one of the biggest ministries in Zambia in the early 2000s but it crumbled following serious scandals that hit the church. However, Grace Ministries has managed to reorganize itself and is slowly growing into a big church God meant it to be.

Meanwhile, according to the repented Satanist, a pastor doesn’t necessarily have to sleep with a Satanic woman to be rendered useless in the kingdom of God.
“Look, in the Bible which I am reading a lot especially in our days, Jesus says you don’t have to sleep with a woman to commit adultery with her. The moment you look at her lustfully, you have already sinned. In Satanism, we used to operate under that same principle.

I had those special powers which made pastors get confused once they look at me. I moved from church to church pretending to be in need of prayers and I left serious confusion in every church where the pastor admired me. Some even slept with me,” she recalled.

The woman also appealed to Christians to pray for their pastors saying the devil works day and night to destroy men of God using different tactics especially seduction.

“We see preachers of the gospel…both the traditional clerics and Pentecostal preachers getting involved in different sex scandals. You keep talking about them whenever they fall, without remembering those who lure them into it.

“I know some preachers are exceptionally randy and without self-control, but there are some who are disciplined and dedicated to their calling. As Christians, there is need to pray for such men of God because they are under attack,” she said.

She added: “The devil is wicked, so we say it and I can tell you he really is. He is using especially we women to create chaos in the world. They say women brought evil into this world and evil will go whenever they decide to stop perpetrating evil.

Sometimes I get tempted to agree with men in this area because women have destroyed a lot of great men and families. Instead of us becoming builders, we have turned ourselves into agents of destruction. May God have mercy on us.

“I have seen dedicated single girls in church secretly become wives to some Catholic priests. These ones are always present in every church activity and belong to every society in church. Majority of them are there as agents of darkness to pull the priest down.”

The former Satanist also called on pastors to be always on the lookout for such women.
Explained the woman: “One thing that has aided their operations is the inability of the pastors to curtail the excesses when it comes to dressing.

Sometimes it looks like some of our pastors enjoy seeing naked women around them because I don’t know why a very indecent woman with her boobs uncovered should be allowed to take the front seat in church. When I was a Satanist, they used to allow me to dress poorly in church. I used to take advantage of that.

She added: “What about the choristers? They have suddenly become houses to the devil and his agents. These ones sing and do their acrobatics so well that everybody thinks they are slain in the spirit. The truth is that a good number of them do those things for the pastor. Haven’t you seen the kind of tight skirts and trousers they wear during ministration?

Watch them, with their false lashes, boobs, and glossed lips. They have carried their mentality of men not being the ones after women into the church. They are now the ones after the pastors. This is wrong.”


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