The fishing community in Buikwe District has faulted the Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) for neglecting the plight of residents threatened by crocodiles.

The crocodiles have reportedly killed six people from different parts of the district in a period of only two months.

The residents say four people have been killed by reptiles at Lukonda Landing Site in Ngogwe Sub-county and another two have been killed at Kigaya Landing Site in Najja Sub-county on the shores of the Lake Victoria by crocodiles.

Daily Monitor visited the two landing sites on Tuesday as the fishermen narrated their ordeal.

Mr Stuart Mutebi, a fisherman at Kigaya Landing Site, said they can no longer access the lake because of the deadly crocodiles.

We no longer bathe, fish or get water from the lake because the crocodiles have killed our people, Mr Mutebi said.

He urged the government to intervene because they do not know how to trap the crocodiles.

There has been public outcry over crocodiles eating people, but UWA officials have not helped us .Let them intervene because we are mere fishermen who lack experience in trapping crocodiles, he added

Mr Majid Lule, a fisherman at Kigaya Landing Site, said they could have tried to trap the crocodiles but they are not authorised to do so.

We are not allowed to trap crocodiles yet they kill our people.


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