The wedding day of 44-year-old pastor and his beautiful wife ended on a tragicomic note after the bride died just few hours after the wedding as a result of snakebite.

Founder of Miracle Working God Ministry in Sapele, Nigeria’s Delta State, Prophet Patrick Eyaefe is however accusing the private hospital where they rushed his late wife to of negligence.

He is reported as saying if the health workers had been diligent with their work his wife would have survived.

The grieving pastor is wondering if it was wrong to want to do the right thing in accordance with the bible by marrying her after cohabiting for eight years.

Narrating the incident, Prophet Patrick Eyaefe is quoted as saying: “We were relaxing at home after the marriage at about 7pm on Sunday, March 30, 2019, when she went to buy sachet water and she had hardly left for five minutes when I heard her screaming for help.

“I dashed down and she told me that a snake just bit her, I took her to the hospital that night and I tied the leg as someone instructed me. When we got t to the hospital, after paying N1,000 to register, the doctor was not around. The nurse who was on duty had to call the doctor before he came and when he eventually arrived, they were looking at her as if her life was not important.

“The drugs he (the doctor) prescribed for me I went to buy it and when I came back, he insisted I should go back and get the dosage of the drug, and my wife was lying there without being attended to.

“When I returned, they tightened the rope I use in tying the leg so that the venom will not spread and right thereafter administering the anti-venom drug, she still died.
“My wife died on the day I took her to the altar. They left her for too long without attending to her. It was a case of neglect. If they had acted quickly, she would not have died. She died leaving five kids for me. How do I go on?”

Meanwhile, according to, the said hospital has refuted the claim by the man of God. Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr John Akwara said: “Snake venoms kill within minutes, the doctor who treated her is a certified medical doctor with over 10 years in service. Snakebite is a snake bite anywhere, five minutes you are gone.

“We even gave her oxygen, which goes to show how far the damage has been done. Once venom has reached the heart, there is nothing anybody can do about it.”


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