Ghana’s respectable Counselor, Adofoli has revealed that there is no perfect marriage without fight.

Writing on the issues of marriage and Relationship, the brilliant Counselor noted that every love affair has got it’s flaw.

He wrote:

There are fights in perfect marriages, hurt in a perfect marriage, there is a disappointment, disease, distance, debt, even death but besides all these, those perfect marriages have not ended in divorce.

Falling in love feels so good that everyone who fell in love for the first time assume that, if just a relationship can feel like this then marriage will be a paradise; making some people dream and fantasize marriage as a promised land, a city of everlasting happiness, a union full of smiles, a relationship filled with heartbeats.

But in reality, that is not the truth. It’s just like a child who thinks growing up will solve all his problems; only for him to become an adult and realize that childhood is full of dreams which never come to pass.



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