Home News Ashanti men have needless ego –Badu Kobi drops another bombshell

Ashanti men have needless ego –Badu Kobi drops another bombshell

In the raging controversy about his misogynistic comments, leader of Glorious Wave Chapel Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi appears unfazed by criticisms and has pitch his public commentary on tribes a notch higher.

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This time, he is revealing that Ashanti men in general have a needless ego.

“When you are qualifying a tribe you do not say some of them you say them because it is them. My father told me that we Ashantis are proud. He said my son Badu Kobi don’t emulate them”, he revealed while delivering a sermon to his congregation in yet another video sighted by TheNewsGh.com.

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According to him, he is calm and has not taken after the pride of his tribesmen because he took the advice of his father seriously but is also fearless.

“People say Badu Kobi is calm…yes! I may be calm but I am not afraid. I am calm and I want to be humble because my father told me that the tribe we come from the men their ego is too big. So I decided that I am from that tribe but I will not live with that ego and I check the Bible and Jesus says I am meek and lonely in heart, come and learn of me”, he justified.

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He insisted that he will continue to school the country for them to understand the tribal matters in the Ghana for its citizens to understand and change in the manner they do things.

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“I am changing lives with my preaching on tribalism”, he justified.