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Former Worker Of Burger King Ghana Reveals How She Was Allegedly Sacked For Theft Scandal Although CCTV Proved Her Innocence +MORE

A livid former worker of Burger King Ghana identified as Deborah Atsutse has recounted her sordid ordeal at the hands of her Lebanese manager called Imade Chehab of the well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes, plus breakfast lcated inside the Accra Mall.

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According to the young lady, she was wrongfully accused of stealing a bottle of Coca Cola (yeah-such pettiness) by one of her co-workers who diabolically took a photo of the item and waited for three days before reporting it to their superiors. An investigation was soon launched which was aptly aided by the help of CCTV.

The footage which detailed the time she reported to work and the time she left clearly proved she never took anything out of the shop yet she was called into the office of the MD and handed her dismissal letter. Prior to that, she said was allegedly intimidated into signing some papers which will implicate her and show that indeed that she took the item.

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Debborah said even her mother was threatened to cow into submission otherwise they arrest her too. The interesting part is although the MD and the accusers told her plainly that the CCTV cameras have exonerated her, they still found her guilty and subsequently sacked her, saying she should back the following week for her money.

When she went back for her and to return her uniform, The MD insisted she has to sign a document which states that she stole from the company and as a result she’s no longer working with the company which she vehemently refused.

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Deborah feels so aggrieved and wants justice to be served saying the company has maltreated lot of Ghanaian workers at Burger King and because they don’t have any means to fight back legally, the situation has persisted till now. According to her, she has reported to the matter to the Labour Commission and a copy of the letter issued from the Commissioner has been attached to this report.

A portion of her text reads (unedited);

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Am a former worker of burger King Ghana.About a month ago, an allegation was leveled against me by a fellow crew member. He which he took a picture of an object saying I took that object. It took him 3days before he told my manager. In our shop there are so many CCTV cameras working correctly in which some of our managers and MD has it on their phone. They decided to play back the cameras from the beginning of my shift till I left the shop and they didn’t See taking anything from the shop. A week later I was called to our head office and it seems they had already taken their decision. They tried intimidating me and when I stood my grounds the MD said and I quote ‘there is no evidence against you but if you don’t want to work with someone you give the person one month notice but I don’t want you in the shop within that period go home and come back end of month for your salary ‘.i asked the operation manager was that decision and she told me there’s no evidence against me. I asked her if that’s the case why that decision she said nothing. I asked to see the MD again and she told me he’s having his lunch but she had meeting with the said Guy.
2 days later I came back to return my uniform and to ask for a letter. The MD told me to come back end of month for my salary and sign the letter. On the 31st I went only for them to deny ever saying that. Telling me I signed a letter. When I stood my grounds again they now typed a letter to sign which I refuse to do because in that letter it means am accepting the allegations. They threaten to call the police for me if I don’t sign. I left, on my way home my mom called me that they called her threaten to arrest her if I don’t come back to sign

a copy of the letter issued by the Labour Commission

Deborah wants her dented reputation to be mended and adequately compensated for being disgraced and unlawfully sacked which has affected her source of livelihood.


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