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‘I’m Ready To Expose NPP Officials Who Complain Secretly About Government’s Incompetence’ – Kwame A-Plus

Popular musician, Kwame Asare Obeng aka Kwame A-Plus has threatened to deal with all the ‘hypocrites’ in the ruling New Patriotic Party.

He indicated that some ‘big men’ in the party secretly complain of their disappointment in the government’s incompetence yet openly defend the party when given the platform to talk.

He claimed that he has several audios of people who engage in that and might release them if they don’t come out and say the truth about government.

He made this bold claim in a recent Facebook post where he wrote;

“Any NPP who will see me and talk about how disappointed they are in this government but will go on Facebook to defend them is a fool. There is a special place in hell for hypocrites. Please when you meet me don’t talk about politics.

Abraham Ferguson and my lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tamaklo are my very best friends. I’ve know Edudzi Tamaklo when he was at Barclays Bank circle branch. Long before politics. To keep our relationship we never discuss politics when we meet. Never!!! We have never fought.

All of you NPP hypocrites will see me and tell me how bad and disappointed you are in Nana Addo but come to Facebook to defend and pretend to be fighting for him. I will start recording to expose you!!!

When you meet me talk about Alomo biters. Don’t talk about politics. I will expose you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Everyday Kwame A Plus this, Kwame A Plus that but when you meet me too you will be saying worse things about your party and government. It’s either you are for or against me. I don’t want not private supporters. If you live Ghana speak the truth. Be objective!!!

About two months ago one big man met me at McDan’s office and told me how wicked and evil NPP people are. Today it has come out that he was the board chairman of PDS for six months chopping money nyafunyafu for close to six months. Mokaas? nkwasiafo? agyimi wahu? Sialidat!!!”


Source: ghgossip.com