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I’m Hurt and Sad Sarkodie Hasn’t Showed Up For My ‘Pae Mu Kae’ Documentary, I Tried and Tried To Get Him But Zero – Obrafour

For years, rapper Sarkodie has revered veteran rapper Obrafour as his idol and godfather. He has on several occasions proclaimed that Obrafour is a major influence when it comes to his music and in fact, he has even touted that the ‘Yaanom’ hit rapper is his inspiration.

And after years of featuring the rap legend on some of his well-known tracks -including ‘Saa Okodie No’- some industry persons, who have watched a documentary on the Obrafour’s 20th anniversary in the Ghanaian music space, have started asking questions as to why Sarkodie wasn’t part of the documentary

An obviously dissatisfied Obrafour who disclosed this to ZionFelix on ‘Uncut’ said, till date, Sarkodie has not showed up to tell him something but he presumes (Sarkodie) didn’t make time to feature.

. He said

“Me and Sark you know I have said time and again that at any given period when it comes to him, so as to why, how, it will be difficult to say anything concrete, it is what it is. Up till date he has not showed up, he had assured that he would be there but he has not been able to come through as his work load is too much”.

He continued,

” From day one, he was at the launch so definitely you will expect him to be at the concert, I am not writing anybody off at the moment but I’m praying that probably whatever it is that is hindering him God will take it away and he will be able to come through. He knows about all the events leading to my 20th Years Anniversary and so i just don’t know why he’s doing this, i’ve reached out to him several times but still”

“ The truth I am not this big because of human beings even if God blessed me through humans, God has a reason for doing that, so whatever happens I know it is for a reason. It may be for the good, it is only God who can tell if his feature will be good omen or bad”.

Obrafour, who will be celebrating two decades of being in the music industry with a mega concert at the Accra International Conference Centre in November

The documentary highlights some of the significant happenings since Obrafour started his rap career and also features key industry persons who played roles in the rapper’s career.