Home News Foiled Coup: We didn’t rush in putting the information out – Government

Foiled Coup: We didn’t rush in putting the information out – Government

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The government has dismissed acting prematurely on information on planned attack intended to destabilize the country by three persons now standing trial for the manufacturing of weapons at a health facility at Alajo in Accra.

“We didn’t rush in putting the information out there. The information came in at the right time”, Deputy Minister for Defense, Major (retired) Derrick Oduro told Morning Starr sit-in host Lantam Papanko Wednesday in an interview TheNewsGh.com.

The Deputy Minister also disclosed that the three individuals who are being held for attempting to attack the presidency also planned to attack the defense ministry.

“The intelligence we gathered at a point indicated that these young men wanted to attack the Defense Ministry,” he revealed urging: “Let’s keep our fingers crossed as things unfold”.

A former Colonel in the Ghana Armed Forces is however doubting the capability of three men arrested by state security apparatus for plotting to target the presidency.

Festus Aboagye, who is also a security analyst, noted that considering the alleged evidence gathered during the arrest of the said persons, the government rather acted prematurely in concluding that they could be plotting to subvert the presidency.

A joint security operation on Friday, according to the government, led to the retrieval of several arms, explosive devices and ammunition from locations in Accra and Kpone Bawaleshie in Dodowa.