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Pastor Otabil disciplined me the most – Ato Essien confesses



Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of defunct Capital Bank, William Ato Essien has revealed that his father-son relationship with Pastor Mensa Otabil did not give him the chance to misconduct himself as CEO of his now collapsed bank, stressing that Pastor Otabil “disciplined” him than anyone else.

Ato Essien revealed that as Board Chairman of the now collapsed Bank, Pastor Mensa Otabil  was the one who pulled the brakes on many issues contrary to popular belief that he may have been less rigorous with him because of the very cordial relationship that exists between them, leading ultimately to the collapse of the bank.

“If anybody pulled the brakes, if anybody disciplined William A to Essien, if anybody had influence to bring to bare it was Dr Otabil,” he remarked to Paul Adom-Otchere on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show on Thursday monitored by TheNewsGh.com.

Buttressing his point even further, Mr Essien stated that Pastor Otabil is a man who will not and does not condone any wrong no matter the relationship that exists between him and others.

“If anybody pulled the brakes, it was Dr Otabil. Believe you me, Paul. He is an astute man who speaks truth to power regardless of who you are. You can sleep in Dr Otabil’s house today and if Dr Otabil has to tell you what you did was wrong, it is not going to change; he will look you in the face and tell you: ‘it’s wrong,”‘ he noted.

As part of a financial sector clean up, the banking licence of Capital Bank was revoked in August 2017 by the Bank of Ghana(BoG). BoG cited mainly insolvency has the cause of the revocation. It further revealed that the CEO squandered depositors’ money as if it were his.

Many had called for the prosecution of the officers implicated in the collapse of the bank. But two years on, no one has been convicted yet.

Meanwhile Ato Essien has  sued the Bank of Ghana for unlawfully revoking his bank’s licence.




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