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Bongo Chief curses thieves with death

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The Paramount Chief of the Bongo Traditional Area, Naaba Baba Salifu Atamale Alemyaarum has pronounced curses of death on persons who will steal any property belonging to the Bongo District Hospital.

The Paramount chief who openly made this pronouncement at a ceremony on Friday to  hand over a new ultra-modern pediatric ward to the Bongo District hospital instructed his spiritual lieutenant who was also present at the ceremony to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to invoke his pronouncement.

“There are some people who always want to benefit alone and think only about themselves. This hospital has many challenges and yet some persons want to take what doesn’t belong to them. Me I don’t wish bad for anybody but if somebody also wants to take what does not belong to them we will curse. If anyone tries to take anything from this hospital which does not belong to him then may death visit the person,” he cursed.

It would be recalled that an underground borehole pump belonging to the Bongo District hospital was stolen in March 2017 together with its electrical cables and accessories. The incident affected water supply to the facility but a new pumping machine was subsequently reinstalled by the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area Edward Bawa.

Naaba Salifu Alemyarum who could not fathom why such an important property of the hospital could be stolen declared that never again should such an incident occur as any of such could spell doom for the perpetrators.

While commending Engineer Williams Amuna and his family together with TEERE an NGO and several others who contributed to the building of the children’s ward, he appealed to other citizens of the area who are in high places to emulate the examples of the sponsors of the project and take steps to give back to their communities.