Home News CSE controversy: Education Minister ‘scammed’ us –Catholic Bishops’ Conference

CSE controversy: Education Minister ‘scammed’ us –Catholic Bishops’ Conference

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The President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Most Reverend Philip Naameh has accused the Minister of Education, Dr Mathew Opoku-Prempeh, of dishonesty regarding the introduction of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education ( CSE).


According to him earlier this month the Minister of Education called a meeting with heads of churches and assured them things such as are contained in the CSE will not be part of school curriculum, even though some Western nongovernmental organizations were pushing for it to be done.

“When the Minister of Education called heads of churches to a meeting, he himself it was some NGOs, Western NGOs who want, through this kind of thing, to introduce all kinds of things to Ghana. But he and the government are not ready for that. So it’s a big surprise to me to see that they want to put this in the syllabus and start teaching five-year-olds about sex…The Minister of Education said it is an agenda of Western NGOs and they as a Government will not fall prey to it. So I am surprised,” he revealed in an interview with Kumasi-based Fox FM monitored by TheNewsGh.com

Most Reverend Naameh stated that the action of the Minister amounts to dishonesty. “It means the Minister was not honest with us. Or all of those within the educational sector are not of one mind and one heart. And this is a pity,” he bemoaned when he was told that a deputy Minister of Education has been defending the planned introduction of the CSE.

He then called for an outright rejection of the CSE alleging that it will serve no purpose rather than introducing pupils to homosexuality.

“It’s a subtle way of introducing this gay and lesbian thing to our children. We are already struggling to teach morality to our children…this is unacceptable!” he argued.

The Ghana Education Service plans to introduce the CSE to among other things teach pupils to “acquire information on sexual rights and reproductive health.” But many Ghanaians have kicked against the planned introduction arguing that it is too early for pupils to learn such things and that it is a subtle way to introduction homosexuality to pupils among others.