Home News Today’s NDC is not the NDC I founded- Rawlings laments

Today’s NDC is not the NDC I founded- Rawlings laments

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings has in another round of repudiation against his party suggested that the current National Democratic Congress (NDC) does not represent the principles upon which he founded the social democratic party.

Speaking at a conference of cadres and activists of the revolution at the Anita Hotel in Kumasi in the Ashanti region on Saturday, Flt Lt Rawlings bemoaned the monetization of the NDC adding that some leading members of the party “have almost purchased the power of the party into their pockets”.

According to him, the National Democratic Congress 9NDC0was borne out of what he described as fire purely on the principles of democracy but that has changed.

“And we say its democracy? When money is at play? How can I be the founder of such a party? This thing was borne out of fire”.

The former President has been accused of changing in his character and utterances towards the NDC particularly under the current administration. In a sharp response to these claims, he said “I want you to also know and understand where I come from. I am not the one who has shifted. Meanwhile, those who have changed and declined and gone down are the ones who are throwing the most stones at us”.

The former President who is noted for openly criticizing his party also questioned the possibility and ability of the party to win next year’s election. In his view, targeting a win for the NDC in the 2020 elections is unrealistic because the governing New Patriotic Party after staying in opposition for eight years would not give way in 2020.

“It is not easy to wrestle power from this person in their so-called mid-term stride but that natural drift could, may and will come possibly after 8 years. Meanwhile, you have secured 2020 out of the way for yourself, so you will be there knowing down well that you are just using it as a transit when you know 2024 is your target”.