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Ghanaians “roast” Kweku Baako for supporting CSE

Veteran journalist Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has received a deluge of criticisms for saying the teaching children to be accepting of LGBTQ people is not wrong as contained in the Comprehensive Sexuality Education ( CSE).

The editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper said that teaching children to be tolerant of LGBTQ lifestyles as envisioned in the CSE document is good since we are all against mob justice.

“You ought to preach this and inculcate in our kids because we are all against mob justice,” he argued on MultiTV’s Newsfile programme Saturday.

He insisted that there is a “deliberate distortion” on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and an attempt to make a caricature out of it.

In his view, Mr Baako indicated that the CSE is about values like tolerance.

“They are not being taught to become gays or emulate their character.”

His comments come on the back of the ongoing debate about the introduction of CSE into the curricula of basic schools.

Christian and Islamic clerics, as well as civil society organisations and Ghanaians on social media, expressed outrage about initial reports of the inclusion of CSE into the curricula describing it as “satanic” and a pro-LGBT agenda.

Many Ghanaians on  social media have castigated him for his argument and seeming to endorse homosexuality.

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