Home Crime No KIDNAPPING established over 5 missing persons; 3 found – Police

No KIDNAPPING established over 5 missing persons; 3 found – Police

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The Ghana Police Service has declared that there has not been any kidnapping established over the five missing persons in the Western Region, urging media houses to desist from twisting the facts of the matter.

According to the police, three out of the five persons missing persons in the Western Region, as published on their website, have been found safe and sound.

The three are Fauzia Aliu, 17, Rosina Gyekyewaa, 13, and Augustina Koomson. All three are safe and sound.

In the public statement on the issue, the police insists that their investigations have not established any case of kidnapping as some media houses have sought to suggest.

Details of the missing persons according to the update are that “Fauzia Aliu 17, returned home on the 2 October 2019, about 2000 hours. The father by name Aliu Suleman, brought his daughter to the Police on 4 October 2019.  The victim informed the Police that   she left home for Accra in search of her biological mother. She has been reunited with the father.

Rosina Gyekyewaa, 13 years, was found loitering in Cape Coast by the Police and brought to the station on 5 October 2019 at 0945 hours by her grandmother Martha Manu. Victim stated that she learnt the mother lived in Kumasi so she was going to Kumasi to her mother because she doesn’t want to stay with her grandmother.

Mr. Koomson,  husband of Augustina Koomson age 42, who reported the missing of his wife, came to inform the Kwesimintism Police on the 2 October 2019  that , he had information that her wife was lodging with her brother at Osu in Accra, he has called the wife several times but did not pick his phone calls.  On 4 October 2019 Police were able to contact victim Augustina Koomson and she said that she was sick and living with her brother in Accra. She also informed Police that she is receiving treatment and will report herself to Police when she returns to Takoradi.

Reports of the missing five persons sparked fear and panic due to the much-talked about three  Takoradi girls who were kidnapped and later murdered according to the police.