Home Crime How a University Lecturer and pastor sexually harassed a 17-year-old ‘student’

How a University Lecturer and pastor sexually harassed a 17-year-old ‘student’

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Dr Boniface Igbeneghue, the Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, disgraced in a “sex for grades” undercover investigation by BBC’S Africa Eye looks like an honourable man with the perfect disguise: he is a pastor, not just a pastor but a head pastor of a local church called Foursquare Gospel Church.

As a Pastor few will imagine that he will be a sexual predator. And this gives him the upper hand; he gets unsuspecting victims, victims who lower their guard because they’re dealing with, after all, a pastor, someone who knows morality, someone who is more likely to be upright.

But the footage filmed secretly exposes Dr Igbeneghue as a much experienced, brazen “sex for grades” expert.

To convince the 17-year old as a trustworthy man, he announces at their first meeting in his office that he is a Pastor.

“Do you know you’re a beautiful girl? Do you know that? You’re not just beautiful, you’re a very beautiful girl… You know I am a Pastor. Do you know I am a Pastor?”

He asked her. And she answered yes.

The compliment and the announcement that he is a pastor seem to be the perfect blend to win a lady over.

And remember that he makes their conversation very informal, laced with obscenity.

At the second meeting, Dr Igbeneghue leads the lady to give her life to Jesus Christ. Perfect. Any lady should feel special that a Lecturer from whom you seek a favour is keen to prepare you for Heaven.

Immediately afterwards he starts tuning her mind towards sex by asking about her sex life.

“When did you start knowing men? I mean start having sex… Anything that happens between me and you no one will hear of it. Just feel free,” he told the lady.

Grounds well prepared, he succeeds in touching the lady sexually at the third meeting all the while justifying it with revelations that smooching and romancing girls was rampant on Campus and mainly happened at the Staff Club.

“There’s an upper part of the Staff Club where lecturers take girls to go and smooch them and romance them, to touch their breasts…it’s a club. We call it the cold room inside the staff club,” he allayed the fears of the lady.

After ‘smooching” the lady, he lets her go when he sought to relieve herself in the washroom. And the scene ends there.

Meanwhile the University of Lagos has dissociated itself from Dr Igbeneghue. And we await what actions will be taken against the randy lecturer.