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Salinko Fight Over Boys Abr3 TV Series Cash Settlement; As Salinko Asks Mmebusem To Return The ‘Ghana Jesus’ Costume

Kumawood actor, Hymns Justice popularly known as Mmebusem has stated that his colleague Salinko should stop jumping from one media house to the other just to tarnish his image.

Mmebusem who had a heated argument with Salinko on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana”, this morning said Salinko is going round saying he is ungrateful, arrogant and that he Salinko holds the key to his success.

According to Mmebusem, he has started his own production after starring in “Boys Abre” TV series produced by Salinko and that has created friction between them.

He revealed that Salinko complained that he shouldn’t use the “Ghana Jesus” costume for his new production so decided to return Salinko’s costume to him and after that he thought everything had been settled between them but Salinko is still going round saying he made him popular and that he holds the key to make him successful.

Mmebusem also revealed that he has no problem with Salinko but he(Salinko) has cursed him because of the same costume adding that, this is the kind of person Salinko is, so he should leave his name out of his mouth because it is only God who holds the key to everyone’s success.

Mmebusem also added that he would only go back to Salinko if Salinko pays him because as at now Salinko hasn’t paid him for his roles in the Boys Abr3 TV Series