Home Entertainment FLASHBACK: The pain, discomfort Sarkodie gave Shatta Wale with ‘My Advice’

FLASHBACK: The pain, discomfort Sarkodie gave Shatta Wale with ‘My Advice’

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Exactly a year today October 10, 2018, Ghana’s entertainment industry and social media platforms was buzzing with two names – Sarkodie and Shatta Wale.

That was the day Sarkodie pounced on the dancehall king with a diss song dubbed ‘My Advice’.

The song became an instant hit and its popularity even spread to the shores of Nigeria, where his colleague musicians praised him for his wonderful punchlines.

The song was the first Ghanaian diss song to have recorded 1 million views on Youtube days after it’s release.

Though lots of pressure was mounted on Shatta Wale to release a reply, it remains a fact that the reply never came.

Meanwhile, Sarkodie in an interview on Accra-based radio station Starr FM disclosed why he released the diss track.

“If he is a friend that you keep in touch with all the time and he keeps passing comments on social media all in the name of showbiz, how would you feel?”

“I get it. It’s showbiz but we have a friendship to keep. As much as I would want to do showbiz, there are some things that I would like to call you personally and resolve” he said.

For the benefit of our readers and music lovers, Ghanaweb has reproduced the exact lyrics in the song to enable them to comprehend exactly what he meant.

Now decode the lyrics below:

Yea aaa tie yea…me on this beat e go cause you some damages last year I went through some challenges industry a whole lot of hate Charley can’t we just love one another with happiness fuck it am flourishing s3 me wua Titi nkoaa bedi publishing. Industry future no enluki promising when colleagues dey enjoy ei name tarnishing when your hype vanishing…who gives a fuck about your chicken change property if being poor be like me then father I beg just bless me with poverty!

I don’t wanna snitch on my nigga but fuck all the bragging and chill cos honestly your whole bank account no fi but one tear vogue but you are claiming supremacy! Fuck outta here you be fool but… am trying to leave a blueprint. Am from Tema what de fuck do you think! Mep3 Kasa but am touching a few things

Gyae alumi no hy3 na kor hy3 Cuban blinks! Paul aa Wan ma ntem ne fame no fofro no…akwaraaa wani Yaatra wani ntom ye ya wo papa aa wo wer3 fi s3 wo b3to no…onhu hwi koraaa Nsem pii na 3toto no

“brand no be strong enough..if e be strong keep quiet! You go soon commot! I stay mute one-year self-full support. You show dick one day you go show buttocks. The last thing wey I want be attention, the whole Africa e be me wey dem dey mention!

Me gye meho di enti mo ntimi ma me tension…bra be me nkyer3 me branding ansa na ma ko pension me ma mo hypertension… only reason I dey do this sake am on a mission to push Ghana forward!

To celebrate the day, fans of Sarkodie have been talking about the song making it number 2 on Twitter trends.

Below are some of the tweets:





Source: www.ghanaweb.com