The guy I’ve been dating for years married another lady without my knowledge – Lady



    sad lady

    A lady has taken to the inbox of Celebrities Buzz to cry out on an unfair treatment meted to her by her boyfriend.

    According to her, they were dating for so many years but the guy married last month behind her back.

    And till now, he pretends as if nothing happened. He still visits her but without his wedding ring anyway.

    The lady is hurting inside and she wants to know whether to confront the guy or let it slide.

    Read her full message below:

    “I have been dating this guy for years, he got married last month without letting me know but later my bestfriend told me my guy is married to another lady. I got hurt n heartbroken.

    We do chat each n everyday but I pretend I don’t know what is going on, we met a couple of times but I didn’t see any ring on his finger. Anytime I tell him I love him he will respond he loves me more. Please Should I ask him, I’m worried, hurt, n heartbroken💔😔💔😞”