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Top Ghanaian adverts we will never forget

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The good old days are often said to be better, but we all know it is only as a result of the nostalgia for one’s youthful days.

The same can be said about a well-crafted, innovative advert that does wonders for the brand it sells, thereby leaving a lasting impression on the mind of a viewer either through its sheer hilarity, catchy theme song, character or scene.

Good, bad, funny or cringe-worthy, some of these commercials stay in the memory long after they have even stopped airing on the television.

Have a look at www.ghanaweb.com ‘s selection of some of the most memorable ads in recent years.

1. Akwadaa wo kor he”

Released in 1999 by USAID and Zingaro Productions, this slogan was found on the lips of almost every Ghanaian but what seems not to have succeeded was the message it tried to send across, that is, message of abstaining from drugs as the issue of drug abuse is now alarming.

2)”Honey coochi coooochi!”

Shot in the year 2012, the above phrase from Tigo’s TV advert became so popular and still is. Late Samuel Ruffy Quansah, one of Ghana’s greatest young talents at the time, played the main role in this commercial which led to his fame. He was remembered for his imposing big, tall stature.

3. Akobalm

Back in the days, anyone who could sing this ad’s “catchy rap” could be conferred the best rapper title in Ghana.

4. Key Soap’s “Medofo Pa” advert

Enters a woman who describes the product in a loving way, her husband thinks she was referring to him. “Medofo pa” was released in the year 2007

5. GLICO life insurance advert

There’s no better way to watch TV3’s evening news with family without this advert. “GLICO we cushion you for life!”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com