I’m truly sorry for attacking him with slippers the way I did – Legon girl apologises


    Moments ago, we posted a video of one Legon lady attacking her boyfriend with slippers just because he cheated on her.

    The name of the lady has now been established as “Karen”. In a counter video, Karen is apologising for what she did.

    She said she was very angry with the guy so she wasn’t really thinking when she was hitting him with the slippers.

    Coming back to her senses, Karen is begging for forgiveness.

    She moreover noted that the fact that Papa Kofi Owusu Kwarteng (the guy she was beating) didn’t show remorse was why she became more angry.

    “I’m really sorry, I’m honestly sorry”, she remarked in the counter video.

    Watch video below:

    Just yesterday, a lady also slapped a certain guy for proposing to her in their lecture hall.