Home News Sex for Grades: Blame female students not lecturers – NPP man

Sex for Grades: Blame female students not lecturers – NPP man

Female students must solely be blamed for the ‘sex for grades’ scandals in some tertiary institutions in the country, a known activist of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) asserts

Oppong Kyekyeku revealed in an interview with Radio 1 that students are not blameless in the shameful act of exchanging sexual favours for grades.

According to the communication member, the male lecturers – including Teaching Assistants – make lascivious advances towards female students with the promise of helping them secure undeserved grades. In many cases, such advances are made in the direction of the below-average female students who may be in danger of failure without some form of “help”.

Speaking to Owuraku Asamoah in the interview monitored by TheNewsGh.com, he said “I have been in university before I know what I am talking about some female students easily give in to such advances and get their “grades” in the end so that they can graduate honourably and thereby avoid the shame of failure. They don’t complain. Those who resist such advances always believe that they have what it is to pass without any “help” from the male lecturers”

“I must state however that sometimes the amorous overtures are initiated by the female students themselves towards the male lecturers. The students are not without blame. Some of them are active players sometimes they offers lecturers “sex for grades.” he added.