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Video:: Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Luxembourg is rated one of the best goals in world

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored a very beautiful goal against Luxembourg in the Euro 2020 qualifications match yesterday.

CR7 as known by how good he is at scoring goals has added a very nice chipping goal to his stock of goals.

Cristiano scoring yesterday has increased his international goals from 93 to 94 goals. He has now played 161 games with total of 94 goals to his achievement.

He is now second to ALI DAEI of IRAN in the top international Scorer. ALI DAEI has 109 International goals which means Ronaldo is left with only 15 goals more from breaking Ali’s Record to become the International Top Scorer of All time.

As in 2017, Ronaldo was down by 11 men ahead of him in the International Top Scorer Record but now, its left with only one person for him to beat to take the first position.

Yesterday’s goal against Luxembourg marks Cristiano Ronaldo’s 699 career goals. He is the top Scorer of all time in the 21st century followed by Lionel Messi who has 672 Career goals.

The five times Ballon D’or winner has the most individual Awards in football history.

He has played in four different leagues but he is still on top of his form. He started from Sporting Lisbon and he is Currently at Juventus. He also played for Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo is 34 years old now but he still plays like a 20 year old boy. This is because of how hard working he is. He eats well and train hard always. It has been revealed the Ronaldo is always the first to arrive at training and always the last to leave.

He trains whilst his team mates are resting. He has achieved many heights because of how hard working he is, dedicated and determined.

Ronaldo is a perfect a everyone should look up to. To achieve ones goal one needs to be hard working, determined and dedicated.

Aside being an amazing footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is also a greater father with Four CHILDREN.

Watch video below..