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I don’t act because of money – Vicky Zugah

Actress, Vicky Zugah says she’s still acting because it opens doors for her and not for the money.

According to her, the money she makes from movies is just a pittance and that has never been the motivation for which she will to the set

She said “Let us not kid ourselves that there is money in movies. Some of us are doing this work because of the connections and for the fans. If it were the money alone, I would have quit movies long ago.

“The money we receive is nothing to write home about. Movies don’t give us a lot of money but they open doors to do other things and that is what has helped me so far.”

The actress noted that the Ghana Movie Industry needs restructuring and some funds must to be injected into it for it to become vibrant as it was earlier witnessed.

“We just need to do a little restructuring of what is wrong with our industry and we are good to go.”

“It’s all about money. We need money to reshape the movie industry and everything will be fine. The actors are always ready to shoot movies because some of us love what we do.”