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Trust in us to do deliver Ghana – NDP

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The National Democratic Party (NDP) is calling on Ghanaians to repose confidence in them in order to deliver Ghana from its current woes.

Eastern Regional Secretary of the NDP Mr. Gideon Amoasi Ampah promised in an interview on Radio 1 to break the hold the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have on the Ghanaian electorate.

Mr.Amoasi asked Ghanaians to entrust the management of the country into their hands during the coming elections because they have a proven track record of delivering ontheir promises.

“Our intention is not to sabotage any individual, government or political party but to contribute to the democratic shaping of Ghana’s development, especially the well-being of the citizens”, he said

“The party’s goal is to offer Ghanaians the best solutions to addressing the various economic challenges that have derailed Ghana’s development agenda, all we as-is for Ghanaians to trust us we can do magic,” he added.