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2 Ghanaian big boys die in an accident

Kelvin Akanni
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Two Ghanaian Big boys have perished in an accident. According to what Celebrities Buzz has gathered so far online, they’re said to be involved in a tragic accident with a Benz car which took their lives.

The accident is said to have happened on the dawn of 18th October, 2019 at Awoshi, Greater Accra Region.

The name of one of the guys have been established as Kelvin Akanni.

Kelvin Akanni
Kelvin Akanni

We did all we could but we couldn’t get the name of the second guy.

The story is still developing and we’ll bring you updates as they unfold.

Kelvin Akanni

May their souls rest in peace. A lot of social media users are alleging that they’re known internet scammers who live big on social media.

Hence, a lot of people have concluded that karma has caught up with them for stealing the money of people illegally online.

Both of them were said to have bought the latest iPhone 11 Max Pro only to die few days after.

Some Facebook users also said they rush too much. So when you rush, you’ll crush.