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A beautiful lady I met on Facebook was ugly in real life – Man

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Yesterday, we published a story on how a lovely couple met on Facebook and they’re now planning to get married.

This got a Facebook user, Too Risky, to narrate his experience on how he vowed never to date a lady via Facebook.

According to him, the lady on Facebook looked so beautiful but when they met in real life, her looks scared him away.

He wrote:

“I used to look for ladies and chatting them on facebook about relationship. Some replied others don’t. One-day I met this beautiful lady who accepted to meet me in person. I was so happy looking at her pictures.

I said to myself today I will flex everyone in my house with this lady. Lo and behold she got to the station and I need to go pick her up. What my eyes saw was disastrous. Eeiii she is very short, very very dark, above all…. I won’t say it.

I decided to run away without her seeing me but I asked myself, what if she doesn’t have enough money to go back? I tried my best to meet her and explained to her I have somewhere to go so next time. All her pictures were snap filters. Since then I don’t chat ladies on facebook“.