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6 packs not guarantee of successful marriage – Counsellor cautions ‘choosy’ ladies

Marrying a man who has six (6) packs is not indicative of a successful marriage life, renowned marriage counselor Dr Mrs Charlotte Oduro has advised ladies.

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She observed that most ladies are only interested in what men have physically failing to cognizance of the unseen which are the bigger components to determine what makes up a successful marriage or otherwise.

Speaking on the increasing cases of divorces in Ghana on Kofi TV monitored by TheNewsGh.com, the Pastoress of the Royal Victory Family Church International disclosed that most women overlook the most important ingredients that are important to marriages and rather focusing on the minors.

“I never dreamt of marrying my current husband because he was too gentle for my liking. For more than a year I never accepted his proposal to marry him but when it dawned on me I called and indicated I was ready for me. The mistake most ladies make these days is scouting for men with 6 packs…men who have this or that is the biggest mistake any woman will do”, she advised.

Using her case as a typical example, she expressed gratitude she was never swayed by looks but inner beauty which has gotten her to where she is today.

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“If I yielded to pressures and married a ‘burger’ I would have lived to regret this day. I was educated more than my husband but he has been the best ever. People should never think we have not seen it before, me I have been married for 11 years.” She stressed.


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