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Don’t decline a date because you have a boyfriend – Lady advises single ladies

Most ladies are fond of declining a date from other men just because they have a boyfriend.

Well, a lady by name Oge Nsimah has advised her fellow ladies to desist from this behaviour.

Read what she posted on her Facebook page below:

Ladies, when a man ask you out on a date, do not decline because you have a boyfriend. Going out on a date is not to ‘make out’ but a friendly offer for the purpose of getting to know you better and be friends moving forward.

Do not send good people out of your lives because you have a boo who probably has a boo.

Even if a man wants you to be his lover, do not say,” I have a boyfriend”, just say a polite “no, I am not interested”.

Let everything you do be about you and because of you. There are women who are married, who say “I am married” and have lovers anyway.

So, be friendly, polite, respectful and firm. A decent man will not force it.

I have great expectations this week and I pray your week goes according to plan.
Cheers you all.


This message is an unpopular opinion,
It is for the disciplined,smart and wise people..
Not for everybody👂

#The UnComfortableTruth.

Don?t decline a date because you have a boyfriend- Nigerian lady advises single ladies