Mama Gee is back selling her ‘husband snatching’ charm products


    Do you all remember Mama Gee? The lady who was arrested on July 10, 2019, at her shop in Madina by the Food and Drugs Authority and the police for advertising and selling unlicensed products which she claimed could help boost sexual performance and help women extort money from their male counterparts after sexual intercourse.

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    Well, few months after her arrest, Mama Gee is back in town to re-commence her business.

    mama gee arrested
    Mama Gee on the day of her arrest

    According to a report by TheNewsGh.Com, Mama Gee has provided a contact for her customers who wish to purchase any of her products.

    A dispatch rider (okada) will have the product(s) delivered after making payments through mobile money.

    My business is legit – Mama Gee

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    Contrary to claims she was operating illegally, Mama Gee in a video after her arrest stated that, “I’m doing a legitimate job by selling traditional medicine and some herbs…I’m not a criminal, I haven’t done anything.”

    In what appeared to be a contradiction to her earlier claim that she was into herbal medicine, Mama Gee wrote under one of her Instagram posts that, “This attraction kit is second to none ooo, new product available at the shop. Be attractive and seduce your man, work towards your sexual life please don’t just be like that naa…”

    “With my favor oil, you will pray with it and spray it on your forehead and spray it in your palm… that’s all. You just have to back it with prayers.”

    Some of her products which is believed to boost the sexual performance of men and women include, vagina sweetness, ‘magajiya’, cash out, favor oil and soap, attraction set, ‘oga lie low’, selfish love, marry me, herbal mixture among many others.

    In an interview on SVTV Africa, she disclosed that her aim is to help women and bring happiness to homes.

    She said: “I am helping a lot of women, lots of women need help. They don’t know who to turn to…this is an insight from God, I am helping a lot of people by not minding the bad words that people say that it is juju.”


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