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SHOCKING!!!: Biology Teacher Beat Student for Exposing Their Sεxual Act to another Fiancée

A second year student of the Asamankese Senior High in the Eastern Region was beaten severely and was nearly stripped naked in public by her Biology Teacher who accused her for exposing his secret relationship with an old student who is believed to be current girlfriend of the Teacher.

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The Teacher, Samuel Boakye Donkor, also known as “Confusion” after beaten and injuring the girlfriend rushed to police station and reported that the victim has threatened his life.

The victim collapsed on her way to School, a day after the indecent assault and has been invited by her School authority to assist investigation.

Meanwhile, the victim has also reported the case to Asamankese District Police after they realized the Teachers has rather injured the victim and he is under interrogation currently.

In an interview with the victim, she said the Teacher, “Sir Confusion” returned to her and a sister a begged them to withdraw the case, promising to pay for medical bills and other expanses.

She alleged that the Teacher proposed her a year ago and has been harassing her Sεxually in his vehicle and houses in Accra and Asamankese.

The assault occurred when the Teacher’s current girlfriend detected strange calls and sexual videos between the Teacher and student who tried to interrogate the issue after inviting them. Meanwhile, the Teacher is married to a Nurse with two kids.

The victim, narrating Genesis of the relationship said ” I know he is my Teacher so some time ago we want for classes and he decided to drop me and other friends home but i was the last person in the vehicle to be dropped. He told me on the way that he love me and want to support me financially, instantly, he started sucking my breast.”

She added, “The Teacher after dropping me asked me to put on home wear and meet him in the evening so i met him and he took me with his vehicle to outskirt of Asamankese and asked me to suck his penis but i refused because i was menstruating”.

The lady alleged that the Teacher since then have been Sεxually harassing her with a promise to pay her rent until she was called by a girlfriend of the Teacher for interrogation where “sir confusion” severely beat her who nearly collapsed but untimely intervention by residents in the area saved her.

Report from the victim indicates that the Teacher has been invited by School Authority and police but want the victim to mislead the police in order to withdraw the case.

In an interview with Sir Confusion (Samuel Boakye Donkor), he denied assaulting the lady and other allegations against him, adding, some men yet to be identified are behind the lady to blackmail him and the alleged blackmailers are demanding for 3,000.00 cedis from him.