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Warning To Android Users: 20 Dangerous Apps You Must Delete Now – Says Experts

Smartphone users like to experiment any new application (app) that appear funky-so to speak or can readily accomplish a particular task on their device for them.

But just like computer viruses that appear ‘friendly’ and almost like a harmless software, some apps can cause serious damage to your cellphone.

Researchers from ESET have warned users about 42 dangerous apps that were previously available on the Google Play Store that contain adware – software that automatically displays adverts, even when the app is closed.

While these apps are longer available on the Google Play Store, they’ve amassed a whopping eight million downloads.

ESET has revealed the names of 21 of the apps, which include Free Radio FM Online, Flat Music Player and Heroes Jump (scroll down for list).

Worryingly, these apps have their code hidden under a package name ‘com.google.xxx’.

In a blog about the dangerous apps, Lukas Stefanko, a researcher at ESET, explained: “This trick – posing as a part of a legitimate Google service – may help avoid scrutiny. Some detection mechanisms and sandboxes may whitelist such package names, in an effort to prevent wasting resources.”

Well, the good news is, these apps have been deleted from Play Store after complaints were issued by ESET but those who had them before the delection, how would you also spot them?

See below;


Mini lite for Facebook

Freed Radio FM Online

Free Video Downloader

Free Social Video Downloader

File Downloader

Water Drink Reminder

Smart Notes for You

DU Recorder

Tank classic

Heroes Jump


Ringtone Maker

Video downloader

Ringtone Maker Pro

Basketball Perfect Shot


MP4 video downloader

Flat Music Player

Free Top Video Downloader

Information from mirror.co.uk also used in this report.