‘My girlfriend loves food too much’ – Guy cries

    'My girlfriend loves food too much' - Guy cries

    A man has taken to the inbox of relationship counselor, Joro Olumofin on Instagram to reveal how gkutton his girlfriend is when they are or not together.

    The unidentified man said his girlfriend can’t say no to food.

    He added that sometimes he feels the easy password to the ‘meat pie’ in between her legs is food.

    According to him, when one wants to chop her, one must just buy her any food at all.

    “I spend above 10K on food every week. Am still a student. She can’t say no to food. All sorts and types. Sometimes I think if any man want to fuck her he should buy her food. She will open leg to love him. Even if he buy her eko n akara,” – He wrote.

    He is in dire need of advise.

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