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Know your man well enough to pick and choose which secrets to share with him- Counsellor Charlotte

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Popular Passionate Counsellor Reverend Charlotte Oduro has advised couple to be careful with the secrets they share with their partners, accusing her husband of not being able to keep secrets that she tells him in confidence.

Speaking recently at a programme in Accra for on love and relationships dubbed “Love Clinic” covered by TheNewsGh.com, she revealed that her husband tends to share whatever secrets that should be known only between them with the general public, especially when he mounts the pulpit to preach.

“Me, the kind of husband I have, there are some things that I don’t want anyone to hear, so I won’t tell him. Because if I say it, he will say anything [out]…Apostle, don’t tell anyone oo, let it be between us. Before I finish, he has said it. He has finished it. And so they say you need to be careful with preachers; because if they are here preaching, anything can drop in, and before you know, he will say:” And my wife said this”. I am gone! I am dead! I have learnt my lessons. So know your wife, know your husband and the things you tell them, “She advised the gathering.

She emphasized the point that couples shouldn’t share every secret because some of them are meant for just the person who knows it and no one else.

“There are some secrets God has given to you. They are for you alone,” he reiterated.

Reverend Oduro made these points using how the Biblical Samson’s inability to keep secrets led to his destruction after he had revealed his source of strength to Delilah.