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Kwame A Plus is a hypocrite jumping from party to party – Ibrah One

kwame a plus and ibrah one

Ghanaian Young Millionaire, Ibrah One, has thrown shots at Ghanaian musician and politician, Kwame A Plus.

In a post on his Instagram stories, Ibrah pointed out that there are some people who’re hypocrites jumping from one political party to another.

He went on to say that these hypocrites in question are now planning to form their own party.

Ibrah One didn’t mention anybody’s name. But per his descriptions, the cap perfectly fits Kwame A Plus.

A Plus as we know supported Mahama of the NDC party way back and then he went on to support Nana Addo of NPP.

And now that he claims Nana Addo is not performing well, he’s planning to form his own project — “the people’s party”.

A Plus claims he’s doing this as a means by which Ghanaians can do away with the current majority two parties, NDC and NPP. Both parties are as good as useless because when either of them come to power, our situations worsen.

Well, Ibrah is labelling him as a hypocrite over this.

See his posts on Instagram below: