Home Crime Citizen arrests ‘careless’ driver at Kumasi Airport

Citizen arrests ‘careless’ driver at Kumasi Airport

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The Ashanti Region police are investigating a man who allegedly defied a police officer’s order to stop at an accident scene until he was arrested by a citizen at the Kumasi Airport.

The unidentified driver, believed to be a foreign national, allegedly refused to cooperate with police and volunteers who were restoring order at the scene of an accident that had happened earlier.

He is said to have driven off in a manner that exposed the lives of the people present at the scene of the incident to danger.

“I know your Minister, I know the Police Commander, get out of the way let me move,” the driver was reported to have said.

An eyewitness told Joy News the suspect allegedly made insulting gestures at the police and other people on the scene paying little heed to their instructions for him to stop.

Moments later, the same driver was arrested by one of the eyewitnesses, who followed him and caught up with him at the Kumasi International Airport and handed him over to the police.

However, the man in question has reportedly been released after a call was placed through to the Regional Police Command, Erastus Asare Donkor reported.

The Police Command, however, explained that the alleged road traffic offender only been granted bail.