My wife doesn’t respect me any longer after I lost my job – Husband complains

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    A heart-broken husband has written to relationship counsellor Joro Olumofin over the recent unpleasant behaviour of his wife.

    According to the man, his wife has suddenly started disrespecting him just because he lost his job.

    Read his full message below:

    “My wife doesn’t respect me
    Hi Joro. Gd morning. I feel ashamed bringing this to a public forum. Ever since I lost my job In August my wife has not been respecting me. She treats me anyhow in the house. My brother even noticed one day. If I ask her for sex she will say I’m thinking of sex when I’m unemployed. The funny part is I still pay for some stuffs at home till now. Most of my money is going into a new business. I am so sad and angry. It’s funny how money took away her respect for me. Another thing. She cooks and doesn’t serve me. Or she will serve me without water. She’s not even interested in my business plan. To think my mother warned me about her. I have lost my voice in my home

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