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My wife sleeps with her own mother- Man cries on social media for help

A man has shared her dilemma with social media relationship expert, Joro Olumofin from Nigeria on how he has ample reasons to believe her wife is sleeping with her own mother.

According to the worried man, he has caught his wife in the same bathroom with her mother bathing together naked many times.

He has again caught his wife deep kissing her own mother when no one was watching a couple of times.

This man revealed that whenever his mother in law visits them, his wife always sneaks to her mother’s room when he is asleep.

On all occasions, she comes back with the smell of the vagina on her mouth. And this is not once but on several occasions.

He is yet to confront his wife but he is thinking because there are no children in the marriage yet, he wants to back out of the marriage. He needs advice on how to deal with the problem.


A few weeks ago, a young lady who is pregnant for her own elder brother took to social media to seek help on how to deal with it.