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Social media users angry after photo of students waiting for Akuffo Addo with political placards surfaced

It seems to be the new practice that whenever the President of the country Nana Akuffo Addo is visiting a place, students from some selected schools are selected to hold placards and wave at the President.

The first man of the land is currently on a tour in the Volta Region and as part of his tour, he had to meet with the people of Akatsi.

A photo has surfaced on social media which sees some of the school kids sitting in the scorching sun with placards displaying some achievements of the current government whiles their teachers were cooling off under canopies.

See the photo below;

Read some comment below:

Enzo Pires: “I tell! Gyimiemu PhD”

Ed PaaKwesi: “hahahaha.. the kids have suffered ooo.. chai..their facial expression tells it all. why are we subjecting these innocent kids to these kind of stupidity ?? all cos some president is coming to a region ?? what kind of FOOLISHNESS is this ??? whoever is behind this must bow down his/her head in shame… still THE MOST USELESS and CLUELESS GOVERNMENT ever in the history of Ghana.. so PISSED… ahhh….”

Ndc Idol Kumasi: “God have mercy on this government,the funny part of this all is the president is aware of everything!!!”

Khan Boakye: “This is Child Right Abuse”

Michael Eli Segbor: “This is torture…see the little girl covering her head with a handkerchief sake of sun.”

Michael Eli Segbor: “This is somehow I will define the current state of Ghana. The government is sitting under an umbrella of corruption, and the people are suffering”

Emmanuel Alorbu: “Eiiish, what’s the meaning of this? Schoolchildren hauled to political rally of the president and handed placards”

Ameen Mensah: “Poor children”

Maame Serwaa: “Ah! Somebody tag the Wives of the President and his Vice respectively. What is this nonsense all about? Are we normal at all in this country ?

Kwamina Baidoo: “This is truly stupidity of a stupid primitive government…Why toturing the little school boys and girls in the scorching sun. Very disgusting !”