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Spending so much on funeral is a total waste – Actor Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie

Nigerian actor Yul Edochie has shared his opinion on the organisation of expensive funerals.

This comes after a friend sought to borrow a huge sum of money from him just to bury his father.

According to the screen icon, spending so much on burial is  a total waste of resources.

Yul also pointed out how some family members won’t help out when one is alive but will bring out millions when one is dead.

He wrote “I don’t understand the concept of spending so much money on burials. Total waste to me! A person’s life should be celebrated when he or she is alive to join in the celebration not in death. Some1 once asked me for a loan of some millions to use & bury his father. I was speechless. 

“Celebrate people when they are alive make dem follow enjoy the groove. Some family members will not even assist you when you need financial help, till the person dies, then they’ll budget 20million naira for your burial, invite all their friends from abroad and all the dignitaries they know just to show off.

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