Home Crime 13-yr-old-girl beaten to death by half-sister for Urinating in Bed

13-yr-old-girl beaten to death by half-sister for Urinating in Bed

A young girl identified as Precious Omenka has been reported dead after allegedly beaten by her half-sister in Lagos, Nigeria.

The 13-year-old girl, was declared dead on October 25 at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) after suffering health complication as a result of the gruesome beating her sister Nneka.

According to medical reports, the cause of Precious Omenka’s death were Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Cardiopulmonary Collapse.

Mr Emeka Omenka, the father of the deceased, narrating what led to the demise of Precious revealed that her daughter went to Nneka’s house in Ikota, Lekki on October 12, on the latter’s request, but was returned on October 16 looking weak with complaints of body pains. .
He said Precious gave details of how she was kicked in the stomach, chest and sides several times, adding that she was beaten with a mop stick and a cable as well because she peed on the bed.

“I am in pain. My heart is broken. Nneka is my first daughter. I had her out of wedlock with one Seki Eko I was in a relationship with. Nneka was trained by my wife Ifeoma who loved her like her own child. 

When I got married to my wife, it was difficult for her to conceive and so she brought up Nneka like her own child. So, when she came and said Precious should come to her place, we did not have any reason to deny her request.

Her husband lives in Dubai. She promised to send her to a private school to appreciate my wife for taking care of her,” he said.

Since the news of this sad incidents, a group of child advocates has vowed to make sure Precious gets justice.

Reports Police PRO confirms that Nneka has been arrested pending trial.