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Woman killed husband after fantasising about having sex in his blood with her lover

woman killed husband
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A woman and her lover have been convicted after details emerged of how she and her boyfriend shared pornographic fantasies on WhatsApp about having sex in the blood of her husband.

Angela Taylor, 53, and her boyfriend Paul Cannon, 54, allegedly had a ‘venomous hatred’ for her husband William Taylor, 69, who was a very rich farmer, because he had refused to grant his wife of 20 years a divorce and investigators were left dumbfounded when William disappeared just before his 70th birthday in June 2018 according to reports by Metro

His skeletal remains were later found deep in mud by a fisherman on a secluded riverbank near one of his farms in Gosmore, Herfordshire, UK.Woman killed husband after fantasising about having sex in his blood with her lover

His body was so decomposed and rotten that medical experts told the court that it will be impossible to determine his cause of death.

Angela had three children with her late husband and the last time he was seen, he went to have dinner with his grandson, Ben.

WhatsApp conversations between Angela and Cannon reveal they both discussed gory ways of hurting Mr Taylor including ‘chopping off his ligaments’ and ‘having sex on the kitchen table while he watched’.

On the night Mr Taylor vanished, Cannon told Angela Taylor he was ‘just watching Kill Bill 2 lol’, and she replied saying: ‘1 would be nice’ with several smiling emojis.

Months before then, Cannon told Angela Taylor he would ‘kill for’ her and was scared of losing her.

Cannon said in the chats: ‘You know what I’d like to do … make love to you on his kitchen table with your pussy soaked in blood with him tied to a chair so he had to watch !!!!!!!! Then send him to hell.’

Police investigators and medical examiners noticed a possible fracture’ to the hyoid bone, a delicate neck structure of Mr Taylor raising the possibility of compression of the neck prior to death affer seeing the body had no stab wounds or gunshots.

Prosecutor John Price claimed Cannon had killed the 69-year-old while Taylor likely waited at home but the defence team of Cannon and Mrs Taylor argue that the court should look at other causes of death like suicide or murder by another person rather than point accusing fingers on them. The defence lawyers argued their whatsapp messages were pure sexual fantasy and had no basis in reality.

Taylor and Cannon, both from Hertfordshire, were jointly convicted of Mr Taylor’s murder by a jury on Monday after 11 hours of deliberations. They will be sentenced on Friday by judge Michael Kay QC.