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‘DJs In The Country Are Spiritually Blind For Refusing To Play My Songs’- Lord Kenya

Former Ghanaian rapper cum Evangelist, Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo, known popularly as Lord Kenya has aimed some shots at DJs in the country who don’t play his music anymore since he made his transition from the ‘world’ to the ‘light.’

The tall rapper, who etched his name in the Hiplife folklore as one of the finest Ghanaian rappers of all time, stunned everyone when he announced that he’s surrendered his life to God and has become a new creature (as they say in Biblical terms).

And guess what, it has been nine years since Lord Kenya made that bold decision and had a mini party to celebrate this recently.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz about his ninth anniversary in Christ, Lord Kenya said:  “It was a week-long celebration and it was awesome, from head to toe, we had an awesome time with God.

“Before I came from the US, I was told it was raining everyday but from Sunday to Sunday, there was no rain. People came from all over the country and it was simply awesome.

“There was evangelism, youth day, word explosion, all night and the climax was on Sunday, November 3 where we had communion and a powerful thanksgiving service,” he said.

He expressed his frustrations DJs don’t play the few Gospel he has released as a born again Christian.

“Physically, I am human and I ask myself questions like why DJs don’t play my songs now that I am a Christian? They may be spiritually blind but the one who called me will see me through,” Lord Kenya stated.


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