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If You Cannot Fire Me Well And Even Shift My Womb, Don’t Come And Waste My Time – Nigerian Slay Queen Warns the F*ck Boys

One of the shameless slay queens parading over social media for attention these days is causing confusion online.

In a video on social media, this boozed or drugged up slay queen claims no man should waste his time coming to chase her unless he can hit the ‘punani’ so good he can shift her womb.

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“I cannot date a guy that cannot handle me well. I cannot date a guy that cannot shift my womb. Just shift my womb baby, just shift it baby,” she said.

She also said her guy must be able to ‘squeeze’ her assets well, suggestively demonstrating how her man must be able to squeeze everything.

In the comments in reaction to her video, people just can’t handle all that craziness.

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We would post her video but the body parts she’s showing are not allowed on this site. Just know there’s a high slay queen out there looking for a well-endowed man to shift her womb.

Maybe you want to search for her…